Horrorfest returns for more blood, violence and gore, oh my!

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Halloween is nearly upon us and you know what that means; the ghouls and ghosts are about to come out of the closet. It also means that horror movie aficionados are in their element as Horrorfest comes to town.

If you get your macabre jollies from blood curdling screams, gore and the living dead then you and your braaains need to get to Cape Town’s Labia Theatre and weld your butt to a seat because from 26 October to 4 November Horrorfest will do its best to scare you witless.

Horrofest is now in its sixth year and each year it cements its reputation as the ultimate movie fest for those who like their kids creepy, their monsters from another dimension and their women inevitably covered in blood and wielding a meat cleaver.

This year the line-up includes local and international full length features, short films and documentaries. But very first and, some would say, very foremost, is the Bloody Parchment. Bloody Parchment celebrates the written word, which is, after all, from which all movies spring. On 26 October at around 6pm, some of South Africa’s best alternative authors will be at the Book Lounge (71 Roeland Street) where they will attempt to out creep each other and ensure that you go to bed that night with the lights very much on. Lady of the moment, Karen Beukes, will be there, as will the under-rated Sarah Lotz.

If you fancy yourself a horror author you need to enter the Bloody Parchment short story competition. Entries are welcome until 31 October. You’ll want to read the submission guidelines to ensure you don’t fall foul of the material allowed.

The movies start on 27 October with The Orphan Killer. The tagline is "True pain is screamless", which is intriguing, even if the subject matter has been tackled before.

The first documentary, Under the Scares, will be screened on Friday 28 October. It’s an inside look at what it takes to make a horror film and includes anecdotes from the likes of Lloyd Kaufman and Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The first short film collection will be screened after Under the Scares. The Shadow Realm Short Film Collection has been divided into four parts and will feature all the old horror favourites, including vamps, nut jobs, zombies, Death and the devil. 

Then there are the non-movie-related activities, such as the Alternative Market, which will be held on Saturday 29 October. The market is a new addition to Horrorfest and is the perfect place for gore fans to get t-shirts, DVDs, makeup, comics and even horror-themed coffee - Black Milk Coffee.

There is also Zombie Walk on 30 October, which is where you get to put the makeup you bought at the market to good use. Dress up and shamble with your living dead brethren on a walk around Cape Town’s city centre.

Finally there are the musical numbers. Don’t think West Side Story. Don’t even think Rocky Horror Picture Show; these are smashing nights to remember with top notch metal DJs spinning audiences wild on Friday and Saturday night.

Movies to note include Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. According to the blurb, bigwigs in the industry were invited to re-imagine selected scenes and the end result is one of puppet theatre, CGI and animation.

Eaters revisits zombies. And Night Drive is one of South Africa’s most acclaimed contributions to the horror genre.

Definitely make a note of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, the original. Or one of the originals at any rate. This is the classic silent version that stars the legendary John Barrymore. It’s on Sunday 30 October and booking is strongly recommended.

Unleash your inner ghoul; check out the Horrorfest website for more information.





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Horrorfest returns for more blood, violence and gore, oh my!
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