Mind Assault Metal Rites Review & Competition

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This is a kick ass EP. Probably the best local extreme metal I have heard.

Score: 4 out of 5 

It takes one or two listens to sink its teeth in but when it does it won’t let go. The opener Retaliate gets stuck in your head and is ferocious and beautiful at the same time; you must hear it to understand. Vrede Deur Bloed is just fucking cool. Even African Voices, which is really just a filler, sends shivers down my spine. The title track is the only average song on the EP, although that is probably only by comparison. Besides, the progression in all areas from the past releases of theirs I heard is unbelievable.  Why then, if all of this is so good, does it only get 4 out 5?


To make it in metal a band has to have elements that recognisably part of the band’s sound: Lamb of God’s militant riffs and rhythms and Randy Blythe’s bitter vocals; Megadeth’s chunky-chainsaw rhythms and Mustine’s stab-you-in-the-back snarl. With this EP Mind Assault have begun to cultivate those elements. There are sounds here that are truly Mind Assault’s own. The problem is they don’t smash you in the face. I am not sure I would be able to tell it is them, if I heard a track on the radio. 


Everything else is already here. The songs are really good; they draw emotions as a razor draws blood - something only few metal bands can do. The musicianship is awesome. The production is world class. The energy is uncanny. It is brutal and uncompromising. In any first world country, this would be enough of a foundation to gain international recognition. The truth is to make it beyond South Africa’s boarders a metal band has to score 6 out of 5 every time and blow our minds sky high. Not only with their intensity (which MA have in buckets) but with their originality. That is why it has never been done. If any South African metal band can make it international, Mind Assault can.  This EP, I believe, is the first step in proving that they can. They just need to keep going in this direction and keep growing their sound.



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Track List


01. Retaliate
02. Die Rejected
03. Dark Continent
04. Vrede Deur Bloed
05. Volksmoord
06. Metal Rites



The Band:


Jacques Fourie : Vocals
Francois Pretorius : Lead Guitar
Patrick Davidson : Rhythm Guitar
Donovan Tose : Bass
Andries Smit : Drums


Download Metal Rites for free Subterania.co.za.



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Mind Assault Metal Rites Review & Competition
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